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Meet Meg Ryan Shockey

 Candidate for Brooklyn Mayor

Connection to Brooklyn

- Invested homeowner

-Serves on city council since 2018

-Member of Fair Housing Review Board, 2018-Present

-Appointed to Brooklyn City Planning Commission, 2017

-Volunteers with Baba's Yard in Brooklyn each month handing out free fresh produce

Meg and her husband, Michael, moved to Brooklyn because of its affordability and location. They are proud to call Brooklyn home and know that most residents agree. Meg has proudly served on city council since 2018, prioritizing resident input and involvement. In 2019, Meg started the annual community clean-up program as a way to get residents involved with the city in a positive way. She's been an engaged leader while on city council and built relationships in Brooklyn and throughout the county that will help her lead our city. Her education background in urban planning combined with her passion for public service give Meg the knowledge and drive to best serve the community. Meg has the energy and dedication to work with you to create a thriving Brooklyn. 

Leadership Experience

-Council President, 2023

-Council Pro-Tem, 2022

-Founder of 40U, a nonpartisan group of Councilpersons with a mission to

          collaborate, advocate, and learn from each other to be better leaders in our


-Chair, Domestic Abuse Commission (2018-Present)

-Chair, Public Safety & Environmental Committee (2021, 2022)

-Hosted & mentored CSU students as interns

Professional Highlights

- Master's degree of Urban Planning, Development, & Design from 

   Cleveland State University

- Bachelor's of Arts in Communications from Bowling Green State University

- Executive Assistant at the Cleveland Teachers Union


Council Accomplishments

- Listens to and problem solves with constituents

- Organize community clean-ups to beautify Brooklyn since 2019

- Introduced Ord. 2019-7, which was passed unanimously by Council. This Ordinance

          provides tenant rights for victims of domestic abuse.

- Organized fair housing training for Brooklyn Fair Housing Review Board &

          Brooklyn Building Department in 2019

- Wrote grant with Economic Development Director Udris to update city Master

          Plan; Brooklyn was awarded $50,000 grant and new Master Plan that was

          adopted in 2021

- Advocated on county/state level for improved Human Rights legislation

-Served on zoning code steering committee, 2021-2022

Meg Ryan Shockey for Brooklyn Mayor
Sleepless in Brooklyn...until the work is done

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