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Meg Ryan Shockey

For Brooklyn Mayor

Meg's priorities for a thriving

Thriving communities are safe places for people to live, work, and play. As a community leader, Meg knows that resident input is necessary for moving the city ahead. From guidance on recent surveys and plans that offered resident input (like the 2021 Master Plan) to new surveys and resident outreach, Meg will prioritize data and residential input in continuing to create a strong Brooklyn. 

Maintain excellent safety & community services for residents

Through community surveys, City leaders know that residents think that Brooklyn's safety services are above average. It's important to prioritize our safety services in the budget in regard to both personnel and the tools needed to do the job safely and efficiently.  

Brooklyn is proud to offer top-notch services to residents, including in-house trash pick-up, efficient snow removal on streets and sidewalks, bulk trash pickup nearly every Friday, and more. It's important to prioritize safety and services in the city's budget.

Fiscal responsibility

Meg believes that fiscal responsibility is of utmost importance.  Brooklyn needs to be prepared for the unexpected changes that could impact our revenue while meeting our needs and fulfilling strategic wants each year.

Strengthen community ties

Residents love Brooklyn for its small town feel with our big city amenities. Meg wants to expand on the city-wide events with an initiative to expand neighborhood groups, events, and gatherings. 

Create forever homes

To create a strong future, we have to continue to ensure that our aging housing stock is well-maintained. Through modifications to our existing housing structure, the homes in our city can become forever homes for every person or family who calls Brooklyn home.

Create & retain small businesses

Brooklyn has no shortage of places to eat and shop in our small community, but many of those businesses are chains. Meg plans to look at how the city can incentivize and help small businesses choose to come to Brooklyn, remain in Brooklyn, and thrive in Brooklyn. 

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